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Violations & Fine Schedule



1. A homeowner has 24 hours after notice to cure the violation, unless otherwise indicated in the Fine Schedule. Some violations, by their nature, do not exist for more than 24 hours. For these violations, notice will be given and subsequent violation of the same kind occurring after 24 hours shall be considered a continuation of the initial violation and shall be subject to a fine. For example, an owner who allows their pet to wander off leash will be given notice of violation. If they allow their pet to wander off leash more than 24 hours after notice, they will be fined each time the pet is found off leash.


2. A notice letter will be sent to the Homeowner stating the alleged violation and the amount of the fine to be imposed. If the violation is not cured within the time prescribed, the applicable fine will be assessed and will continually be assessed until the violation is cured. All costs associated with notification of the violation will be billed to the homeowner’s account, including, but not limited to postage, envelopes, paper, etc.

3. Any fines / notification costs that remain unpaid will become a lien against the homeowner’s property and legal action may result. The Homeowner shall be responsible for all fines, accrued late charges, and/or legal fees or costs that may be incurred during the collection process.

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