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Yard Maintenance & Home Upkeep

Residents are required to maintain their yards and homes regularly in accordance to the CCRs and the City of  Memphis Code regulations. This includes the trees, shrubs, and flower beds. Grass is not to exceed 10 inches. Failure to do so will result in a warning letter from the HOA. If any violations are not corrected immediately, a fine will be charged to the homeowner and/or the homeowner will be reported to Code enforcement.

The following is a list of common violations

  • Garbage cans must not be visible from public view/street

  • Missing Roof Shingles must be replaced with same or similar colored shingles.

  • House/shutters/doors/trim/chimney/gutters must be painted with only colors that are approved by the HOA Board

  • Gutters and/or down spouts must be maintained

  • Fences must be in good repair

  • Basketball goals must not be visible from public view/street

  • Recreational vehicles/boats/trailers/house trailer/camping cannot be stored on the home owner's property or anywhere else in the neighborhood

  • Trailer(s) must be stored off premises.

  • You must have paint color(s) approved PRIOR to painting.

  • You must have all exterior work approved PRIOR to performing the work. Please request a Architectural Change Request Form

  • Inoperable vehicles (expired or illegal tags/flat tires, etc.) must not be visible from public view/street.


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